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PeaceBridges -  Dances of Universal Peace


After more than 2 years of cancellations we have determined to plan the next season of Dances, some virtual and some in-person. 

In order to plan for your safety and the safety of those who  may not have as robust a immune system we are developing a COVID Policy. Stay tuned for details.

You may also like to check out our new website

Aramaic Prayer of Jesus (details in tab above) Zoom Event, April 16th, Noon - 1:30pm

First Community Peace Dance In-Person, May 28th, Silver Spring Retreat (details soon)

InterDependnece Dance In-Person, July 2, New Cumberland Burough Park (details soon)

Lewes Beach Retreat In-Person, September 2-5th, University of Delaware, Lewes

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