PeaceBridges -  Dances of Universal Peace


It is our intention to REMEMBER inter-being as we go about our lives. This means living with a deep intention to respect, protect and illuminate the great value of a world of amazing diversity at the same time that we know how inter-dependent we are with birds, streams, planets, and each other.

Consider joining us where we invoke sacred sounds from many of the world's great spiritual traditions to cultivate hearts remembering.   Let me know if you need more info, directions etc...


9/28, 7pm     Remembering - Peace Dance, Just Plain Yoga  

10/19, 7pm   Honoring Our Ancestors, Silver Spring Retreat Center

11/23, 7pm   Gratitude Peace Dance (location tbd)

12/21, 7pm   Rumi Celebration (location tbd)

12/31, 7pm   New Year's Peace Dance(location tbd)