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Finding the Way Home from the Inside Out

Yasmin Germaine Haut


When I thought I may be counting down my last breathes I planned to publish a  small book of poetry from musings I’ve collected over the years. Pulling them together lead to the decision to add reflections as well. This is the result some two years latter


We all appear to be at an edge. Calibrating our compass for the way forward seems critical. 

And the question remains – how do I adjust my navigational strategies amidst the current sea change. 


I’ve wondered, maybe I actually died during the operation.  And this world I’m in today is the Bardo.

We still appear to be interacting, loving, struggling and enjoying, while at the same time this experiment in consciousness seems quite precarious. Learning to serve without expectations, to cultivate a soft front, strong back and wild heart, to explore edges while remaining tethered to a mysterious center seems timely.

Contact me at to order a copy. The cost is $15 plus $6 postage. Or you can order on Amazon. 



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