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Peace and Wellness...


... are activities not states. We do these together with our friends, families and communties, moving with, in and through the constant flow of body, mind and spirit.  We engage, interact, explore, contract and expand.


I believe that wellness is much like a great banquet table where all are invited to tell their stories, to share their success as well as their fears and failings; and where we do the essential work of creating peace. Little by little we come to understand, accept, forgive and be forgiven. 


For over 40 years I have been learning from families, children, organizations, schools and neighborhoods. I've determined that we are our best when we come to see what unites us. And from this place we cultivate courage and discernment in order to follow our inner compass back home toward wise choices and health.


In 1980 I graduated from the University of Maryland School of Social Work and Community Planning with my MSW. Since then I have devoted my life to families, children, relationships, personal growth and the organizations that support. I am also a certified yoga instructor and a senior mentor with the Dance of Universal Peace and a Shaikah with the Sufi Ruhaniat International. 





Yasmin Haut | Camp Hill, PA | | 717-329-2133

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